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The next 200 Years

You need not be sorry
In your heart
You were’nt there then
That’s your belief
Whiteman quest
Saying sorry must
Not be that hard
You only need to shake my hand
Give me your best smile
On both your good
Your bad days
Be my friend for free
Me your thoughts
Welcome my black spirit into your life
I will welcome you
With all my black heart
To my tribe
You will lose nought
We will both gain much
For our children
They will never need to be sorry
About the next two hundred years


I chose to analyse this poem because it is more of a feel good poem rather than a poem talking about the tragic event of the past between the indigenous people and the white people. This poem shows one persons belief of how the people of the modern days do not need to be sorry about something that occurred so many years ago by people that aren’t at all like the people of today. The poem also includes how saying sorry is not really something that requires all your heart to say. He concludes the poem by telling you the kind of things that can be done that will make a difference, not saying sorry but by doing things like offering your thought and welcoming theirs.

One thought on “Poetry Analysis

  1. Well done Justin.

    You have analysed my poem well. It is not often that I comment as my poetry is popular in schools and universities all over the world and finding time is hard.

    When students read my poetry and take the time to publish and analyse it I feel very humble and grateful. It is even more gratifying when they do it as well as you.

    Good luck my friend and thank you for reading my poetry.

    Regards Paolo

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